Monday, December 8, 2008

flea market find.......

and an hour later.... i emerge with 2 brass knuckles, 25 cent records, images of some rickety ass kids rides in my brain and a lone star sink i wish i could purchase. way to make my sunday complete.

Friday, December 5, 2008

urban how could you?!

as much as this bothers me for a mere $14.00 i could have these chanel rip offs... or with my discount i could have them for$8.50. They're obv not as lovely but if YOU buy them for me i could save myself $190.

urban outfitters

chanel two-tone tights

dear todd

slow saturday

houston makes me tired

so i took like 6 pictures when i was in ny. i was really sick when i arrived(typical) but these 4 photos are the only decent ones. girl- i wanted to be her for the day . shoes-i had mine like this when i was little, and i still wnat them that way. anyone know how to do it? cube- they were everywhere. fridge- my brothers, mostly filled with film most of the time.