Saturday, February 28, 2009

best late night stop.

late night stop + creepy carnival - people + cool breeze + polaroid + digi cam= a moment that should've lasted longer than 2 min.

don't fuck with chuck, he's got a book

wtf now there's a snugglette?

first the snuggie(video on ev-said's blog) and now them snugglette, whats next? i must find out.

leather diamond cutout leggings.$1,050 by IKRAM

Saturday, February 21, 2009

make it work.

french industrial designer,Edouard Larmaraud, wasn't able to purchase a big rock for his lady so he did something quite clever AND amusing. he made this here ring with a magnifying glass to make a smaller stone appear to be a huge chunk o ice. wtf awesomeness

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

oh why thanks

Balloon Washer/Part Time (Magnolia/Tomball/ The Woodlands)

Job requires some upper body strength, as you will be pulling, pushing and generally "manhandling" 23' advertising balloons as you wash them at our warehouse in Magnolia. You'll make $20 per balloon and in a full day you can wash 4 to 5 balloons.

Location: Magnolia/Tomball/ The Woodlands

Compensation: $20 per balloon

i could only imagine how funny this could be

Sunday, February 8, 2009

oh beyonce

give me these damn fringe glasses.

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

the impossible project

taken from gizmodo:

They call themselves the Impossible Project (Oh, what a name), and they want to give you a chance to purchase Polaroid instant integral film at a reasonable price next year.
The Impossible folks say they're not aiming to simply replicate the Polaroid instant film of old: no, they are seeking new techniques and new materials to create the instafilm pack of tomorrow.

to read the rest of the story:
thanks todd for finding this

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

alexander mcqueen for target

First to you new yorkers. damn you.
According to racked ny, target has picked the massive "St. John's Center at 330 West Street to throw a pop-up preview party for its McQ Alexander McQueen collection. The temporary shop, called the Target McQ Market, will be open to the public during Fashion Week on February 14th and 15th from noon to 10pm, meaning that Manhattanites will get to shop the collection weeks before it debuts in stores nationwide on March 4th. The Target McQ Market will also feature young NYC artists who will be creating one-of-a-kind pieces using prints, fabrics and embellishments from the McQ Alexander McQueen for Target line.'

the McQ Alexander McQueen for Target collection will run between $30.00-$130.00

preview looks from wwd:

a few looks leaked online :